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Geographic positioning

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Our Policies

AGV H&N offers logistics solutions with quality and security, together with structured processes that reflect the standards of legal requirements, our policies and certifications.

The Property Security policy is committed to comply with all the necessary assumptions to ensure loss prevention for customers’ business and the physical and moral integrity of employees through the rational combination of human security, electronic security and processes aimed at continuous improvement, seeking customer satisfaction and providing a social environment favorable to the full development of processes:
  • Optimize human resources, encourage and involve the team in order to keep the company operating and fulfilling its mission, that is, ensuring business continuity and profit generation.
  • Ensure the physical and moral integrity of individuals, protect assets, investigate, avoid, prevent and suppress actions of any nature that may threaten the full de-velopment of the enterprise activities, thus undertaking towards the prevention and minimization of losses.
  • Ensure the control of access to the organization of both people and vehicles, through a property security system integrated through operational procedures, physical barriers or electronic systems and human resources hired and specialized in the role.
  • Ensure that all visitors to AGV Logística SA are accompanied by an employee dur-ing the entire period of their stay in the company, and it is the responsibility of the employee to ensure that property security procedures are complied with during the visit.
All employees are responsible and committed to the application of this policy in their daily activities, encouraging compliance with the operational standards and proactive actions promoting the excellence of the property security standard.

Escopo: ISO 9001: 15 e ISO 14001:2015

Fornecimento de Serviços e Gestão Logística (Armazenagem, Transporte e Gestão de Estoque) com multitemperatura de produtos de saúde humana, saúde animal e nutrição).

Unidade: Vinhedo – Rua Edgard Marchiori, 255, Distrito Industrial, Vinhedo.

Política da Qualidade, Saúde, Segurança e Meio Ambiente

POL-001 Rev00 23/03/17

AGV quality, health, safety and environment policy is committed to providing integrated, flexible and customized logistics solutions to its customers, complying with all the necessary assumptions to ensure the health and safety of our employees, as well as maintaining the structure of corporate sustainable environmental activities that generate the preservation of the environment with our partners and working together with the community.

Take care of very customer as if they're our only customer, understand their needs and seek continuous improvement in processes and technology;

Promote the protection of the life and health of its employees, maintaining a healthy and safe work environment, eliminating and controlling all risks related to its operations.

Establish a standard of conduct for excellence in Quality, Health, Safety and Environment in accordance with applicable technical standards and legislation, ensure its commitment and involvement with continuous improvement. Prevent damaging effects on the environment, make our operational processes continuously improved with a view to minimizing environmental impacts.

The company activities are developed in total harmony with the community where its operations are located, interact in a professional way, supporting the socio-economic development of these regions.

As a development agent and inserted in the social context in the communities where it operates, encourage the voluntary participation of its employees in social and cultural projects and activities that promote the exercise of citizenship.

All employees are responsible and committed to the application of this policy in their daily activities, encouraging compliance with the operational standards and proactive actions promoting the excellence of quality, health, safety and environmental standards.

AGV LOGÍSTICA S.A. (“AGV”) is committed to maintaining the highest levels of profes-sional and ethical standards in the conduct of its business. Corruption erodes confidence in the market and customers, undermines civil society and distorts economic and social development. It must be condemned always and everywhere. AGV is committed to con-ducting its service provision activities without submitting to the illegal influence of brib-ery, and raising the awareness of its employees about corruption, be they members of the Board, Officers, independent board members, managers, employees, contractors, ser-vice providers, trainees, young apprentices (collectively, "Employees"),"), and all natural persons or legal entities that may represent AGV, acting as consultants, representatives, agents, brokers, and other intermediaries and on its behalf (collectively, "Representatives").

Under this policy, all employees and representatives of companies shall fully comply with all applicable anti-corruption laws and regulations, which include, but are not limited to, the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”) of 1977, and subsequent amendments and Law no. 12,846 dated August 1, 2013, known as the "Brazilian Anti-Corruption Law", hereinafter referred to as "Anti-Corruption Laws". "Brazilian Anti-Corruption Law"", hereinafter referred to as "Anti-Corruption Laws"..


Law No. 12.846 dated August 1, 2013, regulated by Decree No. 8.420 dated March 18, 2015, known as the "Brazilian Anti-Corruption Law", is the first Brazilian law exclusively aimed at preventing, fighting against and repressing acts harmful to public administration, national or foreign, in particular acts of corruption and fraud in bidding and administrative contracts.

The Brazilian Anti-Corruption Law seeks to regulate the conduct of Brazilian companies in Brazil and abroad (including Brazilian subsidiaries of foreign companies). The standard in question also regulates the conduct in Brazil of foreign companies with an office, branch or other type of representation in the country. This includes companies legally established or with an actual presence in Brazil, even if temporarily.

The Brazilian Anti-Corruption Law is innovative to the extent that it establishes the strict liability of the legal entity and presents points that go beyond the provisions of the FCPA; specifically, the conviction of acts committed against bidding processes, as well as the determination that the official of passive corruption or bribery may be any person, not necessarily a government official.

Scope of Law

The Brazilian Anti-Corruption Law establishes that acts harmful to public administration, national or foreign, that threaten public property (national or foreign), principles of public administration or the international commitments undertaken by Brazil, committed by business corporations and non-profit companies, incorporated or not, regardless of the mode of organization or corporate model adopted, as well as any foundations, associa-tions of entities or persons, or foreign companies that have headquarters, branch or rep-resentation in the Brazilian territory, de jure and de facto corporations, even organized temporarily, are unlawful.

Like the FCPA, the Brazilian Anti-Corruption Law presents groups of acts that the law con-siders to be harmful to public administration.

The first group provides for anti-corruption, the second provides for unlawful acts that affect or interfere with bids or public contracts, and the third provides for interference in the supervision of the national financial system.


The Brazilian Anti-Corruption Law seeks to prohibit the direct or indirect payment of bribes to Brazilian or foreign public officials (or third parties related to the official), or at-tempt thereof. The law considers that the following acts are unlawful and harmful to pub-lic administration:

(a) Promising, offering or giving, directly or indirectly, undue advantage to public official or a third person related to him/her;

(b) Financing, defraying, sponsoring provenly or otherwise subsidizing the practice of il-licit acts set forth in this Policy; or

(c) Using provenly interposed natural person or legal entity to conceal or disguise his/her real interests or the identity of the beneficiaries of the acts committed.


Anti-bribery Obligations

Except as expressly authorized in this Program, no employee shall pay, offer, promise, provide, make available or authorize payment or supply, directly or indirectly, through any other natural person or legal entity in any form or value to a Government Official.

Before engaging in any activity that may raise doubts about compliance with Anti-Corruption Laws, employees should consult the Legal Department and behave as deter-mined by this Program.

Employees individually have a responsibility to know whether any specific person with whom they are negotiating on behalf of AGV is a Government Official or whether any nat-ural person or legal entity with whom they are negotiating is a Governmental Authority or represents him/her.

In case of doubt regarding the identification of Government Officials and Governmental Authorities, employees should always seek the guidance of the Legal Department.

In addition to the above, employees are committed to:

(a) Acting in accordance with public policies, without concessions to interferences of in-terests and private, partisan or personal favors, both in business decisions and while oc-cupying positions;

(b) Repudiating and reporting to the proper channels any form or attempt of corruption, bribery, kickback and influence peddling;

(c) Not to making use of length of service, position, role and administrative influence for activities of their own interest or to obtaining favoritism for themselves or for others;

(d) Not to offering or accepting gifts, privileges, payments, loans, donations, services or other forms of benefit to them or to any other person;

(e) Not to participating in negotiation which may result in personal benefits or ad-vantages that typify a real or apparent conflict of interest for the employees involved, of any of the parties; and

(f) Not to accepting or offering gifts, gratuities or advantages, even if in the form of pref-erential treatment from or to customers, suppliers, service providers and other partners linked to business of interest to AGV.

Specifically, each employee whose obligations may lead him or her to involvement in or exposure to any of the areas covered by Anti-Corruption Laws should familiarize him-self/herself with Anti-Corruption Laws in order to avoid inadvertent violations and recog-nize possible problems in time to be able to deal with them appropriately.

Upon his/her hiring, each employee shall sign the COMMITMENT AND RESPONSIBILITY AGREEMENT – ANTI-CORRUPTION POLICY ("AGREEMENT") - have full knowledge of its content and undertake to comply with it. In addition, each employee involved in the roles of Compliance, Commercial, Transportation and Government Relations interacting with Governmental Authorities or Government Officials on behalf of AGV, or holding positions involving interface with customers, as well as any other employees due to the risk inherent in Anti-Corruption Laws resulting from their activities shall sign the AGREEMENT, which shall be part of the employee's personal records.

Employees shall immediately report to the Legal Department any suspected or actual vio-lations (whether or not based on personal knowledge) to applicable law, regulations, or this Program. After submitting such report, the Employee has the obligation to update it as soon as he or she is aware of new information.

Each Employee shall be deemed personally liable for knowing and collaborating in the implementation of this Program and fulfilling his/her own responsibilities as specified in this document.


Offering entertainment and institutional freebies to natural persons or legal entities work-ing with AGV is permitted as long as the entertainment is not excessively expensive and the freebie given is of modest value.

None of them shall exceed the limits of R$ 150.00 per gift.

Care shall be taken to ensure that the entertainment or freebie is not interpreted by the person receiving it as an improper bribe or inducement. Specific rules shall be complied with regarding the provision of entertainments and institutional freebies to Government Officials.

Except for this assumption, the actions involving AGV institutional marketing, those al-ready following specific rules and any and all actions are linked to the previous authoriza-tion of the Board of AGV.

Any and all gift/freebie/invitation/souvenirs eventually received by any Employee shall be taken to raffle within the company!


Brazilian Criminal Code

In Brazil, employees may be indicted for Active or Passive Corruption, pursuant to articles 333 and 317 of the Penal Code. In both cases, the employee will be subject to a maxi-mum sentence of 12 years confinement and a fine.

Brazilian Anti-Corruption Law

The Brazilian Anti-Corruption Law provides for the joint liability of holding companies, controlled companies, associate companies or, within the scope of the respective agree-ment, consortium member companies for the acts provided for in this law, restricting such liability to the obligation to pay a fine. It should be noted that imposition of a fine does not exclude the obligation of full compensation for damages caused to public administra-tion, nor the judicial accountability of the company and those involved. Thus, the Brazili-an law reinforces the importance of compliance with this Program by AGV and its employ-ees.

As described, the Brazilian Anti-Corruption Law also stands out for determining the strict liability of the legal entity in the civil and administrative spheres. Thus, it is not necessary to demonstrate, on the part of public authorities, that the legal entity acted guilty or in-tended to commit the harmful acts, it is enough that an act has occurred so that the company can be considered liable for. However, it is relevant to mention that the pun-ishment of the legal entity does not exclude the individual liability of its officers or man-agers or any person who has participated in the infringement.

Finally, the Brazilian Anti-Corruption Law applies to acts of corruption or bribery that in-volve Government Officials and/or any persons related to such Government Officials.

Verification of Complaints

In the event of complaints involving any kind of payment, donation, offer, promise to supply or make available, authorization of payment/supply, whether directly or indirectly, by any AGV employee, or any suspicious/undue behavior or practice under the terms of this Manual, the cases will be analyzed and handled by the Risk and Compliance Commit-tee of AGV. The responsible areas (Legal, HR and/or Asset Security) will carry out fact-finding together with the manager of said employee (if applicable), and upon verifying the veracity and substantiation of the complaints, the issue will be taken to the Officers of the Company, who shall decide on the reasonable measures applicable to the infringing employee.


All AGV employees or representatives shall report any violations or suspected violations of this Program and/or Anti-Corruption Laws.

Such complaints may be made anonymously and confidentially through the Ombudsman's Office (falecomagente@agv.com.br).


Always consult with your Manager/Officer in case of doubt.

We also provide the e-mail: compliance.juridico@agv.com.br, in case of doubts as to the interpretation of this AGV Anti-Corruption Policy.

CEO – Mauricio Pires Motta

AGV ethics and conduct policy is an integral part of the commitment to establish guidelines and mutual expectations between employees and company regarding compliance with standards and behaviors within the workplace, as well as social responsibility with the community.

Our philosophy of work is based on the three pillars of our culture – Way of Being AGV (Serving, Team and Result), encouraging all our employees to comply with ethical and conduct standards, and AGV Logística SA meets the highest legal requirements described by the legislation or regulation applicable to the sector.

Prevention of Child and Slave Labor

  • Comply with laws and regulations concerning the minimum age to work and not employ individuals under the age of 16, unless such action is permitted under local law (Young Apprentice Program).
  • Employing all employees on a voluntary basis and not using any prison, slave, compulsory, forced or servile work, nor any other form of slavery or human trafficking.
  • Recognize the legal, social and cultural situations that migrant workers face and ensure that such workers are treated with dignity, respect and according to the same standards applied to other workers.

Preventing Moral and Sexual Harassment at the Workplace

  • Do not commit and abhor physical, mental, verbal, sexual or any other type of abuse, inhuman or degrading treatment, corporal punishment, or any other form of harassment.
  • Promote a fair and equal environment of treatment where there is no discrimination based on race, color, age, sex, gender, political opinion, national origin, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, disability or genetic information, filiation or other condition of the individual that is not related to his/her ability to carry out his/her activities.
  • Treat all workers with respect and dignity and comply with local law regarding disciplinary practices should any occurrence take place.

Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Disseminate in society, through social programs, the activities of the Logistics Operator and its scope in the value chain.
  • Respect the right of workers to form and become members of trade unions, regional councils and collective bargaining in a legal and peaceful manner, in accordance with the applicable legislation.

Responsabilidade Social Empresarial

  • Disseminate in society, through social programs, the activities of the Logistics Operator and its scope in the value chain.
  • Promote research and technical deepening on the principles and evolution of Logistics in the National territory. The company acts in campaigns of support to society and remains reputable before competent Governmental Organisms, undertaking the commitment to the development and responsible action of our operations.
AGV Alcohol and Drugs policy is an integral part of our commitment to fulfill all the necessary assumptions to ensure the health and safety of our employees and partners.
  • Engage employees and partners in the prevention of alcohol and drug abuse, without prescription, recognizing that the use of these substances interferes with attention and ability and can chance people's behavior, leading to unsafe acts and life-threatening behavior.
  • Advise that excessive use of a substance may increase the risk of physical and/or psychological consequences.
  • Clarify that dependence (whether physical, chemical or psychic) is the relationship between a living organism and the psychotropic substance. It is characterized by the compulsion to ingest the drug continuously and by withdrawal attacks, which are manifested when the body misses the drug.
  • Define that alcoholism is alcohol dependence, which leads to obvious mental disorders, manifestations in physical and mental health, interference in individual relationships requiring specialized clinical treatment.
  • Continuously educate the prevention of alcoholism and drug consumption through campaigns and programs that preserve the integrity of convalescent employees of diseases associated with these substances.
All employees and partners are responsible for complying with this policy in their daily activities, encouraging compliance with operational standards and proactive action promoting the excellence of health and safety standards.

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