AGV was founded in 1998, with expertise in creating intelligent solutions and going beyond standard delivery, winning the trust and loyalty of its customers.

Aiming for a more specialized service by segment, AGV divided its corporate structure according to markets of activity, becoming AGV Health & Nutrition and AGV FMCG. This organizational movement aims at a qualitative leap and specialization in the management of operations and customers in order to promote a more innovative environment and specific solutions, adherent to each niche of activity.

We transform logistics quality of our country!

Health & Nutrition

We are AGV Health & Nutrition. The largest logistics operator in the Health and Nutrition market in Brazil. We create solutions, we make happen, we go beyond standard delivery. This is how we win the trust and loyalty of our customers.


Recognized as one of the largest logistics operators in Brazil, FMCG maintains a leading position in the market and among its customers due to its intelligence and operational excellence. . .